Sitting on Shirley because Leroy can't stop her.

Labana House was a citizen of Bedtime City. She was an avid roleplayer who played with such members as Susanna Harlan, Elizzabeth Anderson and Zane Lebowski. Because of her excellent memory she can clearly remember many events and history that others have forgotten leaving her with a wide variety of blackmail material.

Accomplishments Edit

  • Told Ioji Desu to shut up and lived to tell the tale.
  • Managed to not become one of Pepper Brancacane's girls despite moving in the same circles as many of them.
  • Currently holds exactly 666 friends on Warbears with no sign of changing it any time soon.


Payphone - Warbears Version04:09

Payphone - Warbears Version

Her starring role alongside Jurgen Smith in Ellie Cola's Payphone video.

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