The event sometimes referred to as the Warbears' third mission, was a hostage taking on an oil rig, in the southern BTC sea, by fishmen. What seemed like an everyday rescue mission quickly turned into something far more complex as the evil plan of the fishmen was slowly unveiled.

News teams in choppers were able to report the incident, as millions witnessed the acts of the Warbears in real time.

Events Edit

At approximately (time unknown), GMT, the police chief received an S.O.S. from the oil rig, and after a minute of pondering, decided to call the Warbears in so the whole BTCPD could watch their Lord of the Rings movie in peace.

Soon after, special agents Lucas, Kla, Ryoh and Steve were dispatched on the location through the warboat and Warzorb - or polarbearfloatingball. The hostages were quickly rescued, as Kla's Warbot managed to wreck the components of a small crane which was meant to kill the hostages. The warbears then proceeded to infiltrate the rig.

Disappearance of the Warbears Edit

Around (time unknown), the Warbears entered the oil rig. After about ten minutes, an anomaly appeared in the sky, creating a zone of low atmospheric pressure, as if "the air had been sucked out", according to Ron P., one of the helicopter pilots. Since then, the Warbears have not been seen. However, a salvage team picked up the Warboat, and other pieces of equipment, a few days later.

The Commander refused to make any public comment on this matter.

Aftermath Edit


A picture of the mysterious helicopter, taken by a security camera

Not much is known about the results of the mission, as the news team lost contact with the Warbears when they disappeared inside the building. An atmospheric anomaly forced the choppers to back off.

All of the hostages were rescued by boat, a couple of hours later.

Strangely, a red helicopter had been reported to crash shortly before the mission. It remains unclaimed by any of the news teams, and the wreck is yet to be found.

Damage ReportEdit

  • There are dead robotic pirahnas at the bottom of the rig
  • The chain has been cut
  • Signs of explosives usage are visible.
  • A boat is jammed into a wall
  • Gas supplier #2 has a hole
  • Two crates have been dropped into the ocean
  • The fuse boxes for the crane and toilet paper dispenser have a missing fuse
  • An office has been trashed into an unrecognisable state
  • A door to the main room has been knocked off the wall
  • The wifi connection has been hacked into
  • There is a large, tornado-like vaccuum in the main room.
  • The corpse of a fish has been found on the lower deck

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