Mr. Quizo is the owner of the Quizaboom Palace. He has brown hair, and a red shirt with a question mark.


I'm questioning my sexuality.

He was the host of Quizaboom when it only had one room: the fuckroom.

When the Quizaboom Palace was upgraded to two rooms, the programmers created Quizbots, Emily and Mary, host the games. Mr. Quizo relocated to the two-door lobby, featuring a blue Quiz door and a green Safe door. He now greets people and tell tales of the history of Quizaboom!

He suspiciously resembles Mrrobot 256 in clothing and hair. Because they two are questioning their sexuality.

His next project is unknown. Possibly the only person who knows is Ioji, but nobody has sources to confirm such. The main suspicion is the apparent door behind him, Where does it lead? How does it open? Where is the handle? To these questions, only he knows the answers.