Shirley's Clothes Shop is a clothing store in Bedtime City.


She sells 10 different tops everyday and 6 different pants. Clothing comes in 25 colours.

Male ClothingEdit

Jeans - 40 credits

Shirt - 40 credits

T-Shirt - 30 credits

Suit - 200 credits

Elegant suits - 230 credits

Gillet - 120 credits

Elegant Gillet - 150 credits

Strypes - 80 credits

Sl.less - 30 credits

Two col. -

Two col. T-shirt -

Female clothing:Edit

Leggings: 40 credits


Dress: 40 credits

Short dress: 30 credits


  • In earlier versions of Bedtime City there was no clothes shop, all citizens were allowed pick a single set of clothes during creation and were stuck with them.
  • As they wear different clothes to each other, what is on sale differs depending on whether a citizen is male or female.


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