Stingooo Totoro was the general of Globus Simpson  and generally a nice person, he joined Warbears on the 21st of August 2009 and originally had brown hair, he then briefly went to ginger but then finally went to blonde and has remained that ever since. He is still active today and stars in Frankengoober's comic "Courtroom Chaos" in a small role of the one who says "Will a "George. W. Bush please take a stand?" although he was not credited for it (At least I don't think he was) He used to own the Glo-Stickian Cesna jet Mark IV which was one of the best planes to fly in and out of BTC. The adventures of Globus and Stingooo go far, and are left for the future...

Stingooo is now the general of Globus Simpson and is currently skint, as he spent all his wonga on beer, (which was well spent) and he is now the owner of the Glo-Stickian Cessna Jet Mark V as the Mark IV was buggered during the BTC riots (aka the time where it shut down for 5 years)

He misses the days of BTC and hopes it'll be up and running sometime this year.

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