ryoh is the best! *hi-ya!*

The bears

The Commander - A very distinct bear. He usually helps the police chief with his cat and sends the Warbears on missions. He also likes his coffee hot.

Kla - Not the strongest warbear. He's the brain of the squad. He doesn't use his strength, but definitely his brain. A hacking expert, stealth infiltration missions are nearly impossible without him as Kla deactivates security cameras and opens up digitaly locked doors.

Lucas - A warbear who dresses casually. His profession? Of course he does collateral damage. He majors in explosives. As much as his job is the most destructive, he shows interest and care to not demolish everything on his way and cares a lot about teamwork.

Steve - The badboy of the group. He is dressed and armed to the teeth with hunting gear. He usually carries his rifle, and has a piercing in his left ear. He pilots the team's boat and is quite a womanizer.

Ryoh - A very calm warbear, though very frenetic near spiders as he has archophobia. He specializes in ninja arts and swordplay. He carries two katanas and is very agile. It is known that Ryoh and Steve go for a sushi round once in a whilein Bedtime City's local Sushi Bar.

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