Many words and acronyms in the Warbears environment can be a little confusing, and objects can have special names if attributed to the Warbears themselves. They usually have the prefix War- tacked on the fronts of their names.

The Warbears' itemsEdit

  • Warvan - A black van that the agents use to get from place to place. In their third mission, the warbears used a similar-looking, unnamed boat to arrive at the gas platform.
  • Warzorb - A transparent and watertight ball that is big enough to carry one Warbear, and only Ryoh has been shown using it. Apparently it has a compartment for his katanas as well, hinting that the Warzorb could have been made for and given to Ryoh. A password is needed to open it.
  • Warbeer - This beer comes in a yellow bottle with a round blue label, and is favored by Steve.
  • Warbot - Metal Warbear- or rocket- shaped robots controlled by Kla. One of them was used in Mission Three.